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Puppies showing the most ideal conformation to my standards will cost more. Puppies over-sized, or with longer bodies or with more muzzle length are going to cost less. All the puppies will have appropriate temperaments but not all will have an ideal breeding-quality body. Regardless, they will all make excellent family members.

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Interested in a puppy? Puppies can be picked out according to the date deposits are received. Deposits on upcoming litters are accepted as soon as a prospective new owner has spoken to Terry. Deposits are$200. The new prospective owner is then placed on our list of approved homes for our puppies. The order of pick goes in order of when the deposits come in. Deposits can be made by check, cash, or one of our accepted credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover). Deposits can be taken either in person or over the phone.

Abbott (l) and Gracie

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