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Kimber and Choo-Choo

Kimber first litter

Kimber’s 6 Newborns  —  a Few Hours Old

Kimber and Choo Choo gave us six GORGEOUS puppies  —  4 boys and 2 girls. The girls are the fawn (may be a blue fawn) and the pied puppy at the bottom of the picture who also looks like a blue fawn pied. I absolutely could not be happier with this litter  —  their first. Kimber did fantastic! As many of you know  —  we at Rocky Mountain Rawhide Bulldogges do not believe in perpetuating the need for “C” sections in the bulldog breeds. In our entire breeding history, if a mother in labor ever needed a “C” section it was her last litter and we never used her for breeding again. Over a period of many, many generations we developed a line of bulldogs that did not need “C” sections. It wasn’t easy. 96% of bulldogs worldwide need “C” sections or they will die giving birth. But not ours.

This is one reason why we can offer our Frenchie puppies at a far lower cost compared to other breeders. We never have to pay for a “C” section, therefore that cost  —  which can be considerable  —  never needs to be passed on to the puppy buyer.

It is a win win for EVERYONE, but especially the dogs. Can you imagine having to nurse a litter of puppies after just having major abdominal surgery? No thanks!

So, here are our beautiful puppies. We have at least three available and we might have four available depending on which puppies are spoken for first.

If you are interested in one of these puppies (especially the boys) let Terry know. I most likely will keep the fawn girl  —  but if I don’t she will be available for $2500. The others will be available for between $1600 and $2200, depending on conformation and desirability. A $200 deposit will hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old and ready to go to it’s new home.

The boys are: One very dark brindle with white on his chest (looks just like his dad), a dark brindle also with white on his chest, and two brindle pied puppies of which one may be a blue brindle pied.

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