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Guardian Homes Needed

Rocky Mountain Rawhide is a breeding kennel devoted to raising the best puppies possible for families, individuals and as working dogs.

We can’t do that if our dogs used for breeding have to live in an outdoor kennel for most of their lives. It doesn’t show us their potential and it is unethical and inhumane. I know most breeding kennels operate this way. But Rocky Mountain Rawhide is different. Dogs need companionship. Human companionship is best. We can’t have all of the dogs that we own in our home. There is only room, time and energy for so many.

This is why we offer guardian home opportunities for families and individuals who qualify.


People who are guardians to our breeding dogs and puppies to be assessed for breeding get the chance to own a magnificent dog free of charge. We only breed our very best dogs. Puppies chosen will be beautiful, structurally correct, temperamentally sound and genetically superior.

If the puppy chosen passes all of the genetic and temperament tests, then the family or individual who is guardian of the dog will be responsible for taking the dog for breeding dates and health tests once or twice a year. If the puppy does not pass its tests (although this is unlikely) then the guardian family may keep the dog as a pet without financial obligation to Rocky Mountain Rawhide.

Assuming that the puppy passes its tests, the family or individual is responsible for notifying RMR when the dog goes into heat if it is a female (typically, twice a year) and taking the dog to breeding dates. Once or twice a year the dog will then be brought to Rocky Mountain Rawhide to live in the house with Terry and Toni for about 6 weeks until the puppies are born and weaned.

RMR is responsible for paying all costs related to breeding and administering all vaccinations and worming products.

The guardian family is responsible for food costs, grooming costs if any, and any veterinary costs related to accidents or injury while the dog is in the custody of the guardian family.

For compensation, the guardian family or individual will receive $100 for each puppy sold born from the female that is cared for. If the family is guardian to a male dog to be used as a stud, then the family or individual will receive $100 for each litter the dog sires.

This should defray the cost of being guardian of the dog.

Once the breeding life is done the dog will be spayed and full custody is granted to the guardian family. Exactly how long and how many litters will be determined by Dr. Richard Wheeler, a Board Certified Reproductive Specialist and professor at CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Requirements for Guardianship

There must be someone home to care for the dog. People working eight hour days, 5 days a week are not home enough to care for the dog and get it to the proper appointments in a timely fashion. There doesn’t need to be someone home all of the time. However, depending on the age of the dog to be cared for, there does need to be someone available to tend to the needs of a dog or puppy.

No one within the family can have allergies to dogs. Dogs are expected to be in the house and a part of the family. They can not live the majority of their lives outdoors.

A fenced yard is necessary.

If you think you would be a good guardian home for one of our dogs, please contact Jenny at 307-460-0916.