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Our Bulldogges are family dogs, suitable for children, apartments, and life with lots of people in it.

We breed for family life suitability. Our dogs are not suitable as police dogs or for protection sport.

They aren’t big enough, for one thing (up to 65 pounds is what we find desirable) and our dogs will treat everyone they meet with a wagging tail (if they only had a tail, which they don’t).

Unless a person gives our dogges reason to think otherwise, everyone is his or her friend. In other words, they are generally only protective when they feel it’s necessary. This trait fits very nicely within most families with children.

We do not breed high energy dogs, another reason our OEBs do not make good protection-sport candidates. One walk around the neighborhood or a good romp with the kids is enough exercise for them.  They then need a nap (on the couch, of course) before dinner, another nice, family-type trait. They don’t have a need for a lot of exercise, or shredding the yard or furniture when they don’t get it.

Can’t find your bulldogge? Check the couch. While the neighbors’ labs and golden retrievers are running through the neighborhood, you bulldogge will be snoozing in his (or your) favorite chair. Which means he’s actually home when the bad guy tries your windows to see if you left them unlocked.  Believe me, he’ll think twice about jimmying that window when he sees THAT face snarling at him through it.