Rocky Mountain Rawhide Olde English Bulldogges and Olde French Bulldogges

Olde English Bulldogges

This dog is a healthy, sweet-tempered, but tenacious dog with a fondness for children and a reputation for staunchly defending his master and possessions.

Olde English Bulldogges from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

Olde English Bulldogges from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

A loyal dog, curious, playful and able, the type of dog most people want when they buy an AKC bulldog, but don’t get because of the AKC bulldog’s numerous health problems.

The Olde English Bulldogge is a replication of the hardworking Victorian Bulldogge of many years ago. Our Olde English Bulldogges are registered dogs that are a first-generation cross between the American and English Bulldog. This creates a gene pool of healthy, vigorous puppies with the desirable traits of both parents without the unhealthy and thankfully, recessive, traits carried by the AKC bulldog.

Three recent pups from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

Three recent pups from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

“When breeding Olde English Bulldogges I strive for a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy with straight legs, proper facial features and a jovial attitude. These are not working dogs, they are companions. They don’t require the big muscles and size to intimidate the bad guys, whether two-legged or four-legged. My purpose is to create a good, solid, family dog. One that can play hard without falling apart but also, one that will be just as happy sleeping hard, on the couch, of course, next to whoever is on it at the time.” – Terry Jester

When breeding first generation Olde English Bulldogges, we will see many variations in the overall look of the puppies. Even puppies within the same litter. However, there are some aspects of their conformation that will not vary. These aspects are what set Rocky Mountain Rawhide apart from many other breeders.

“Smokey” and his Uncle “Frank”, both from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

Superior Bone Structure

All of our puppies are going to have superior bone structure. Straight legs are necessary in any breeding program regardless of the offspring’s use. Crooked legs can lead to arthritis, orthopedic problems, pain, expense, and eventually euthanasia.

“I hate seeing dogs with crooked legs being used for breeding. Our breeding dogs and their offspring are going to have straight, sound, legs and tight, compact, feet. – Terry Jester

Because of the athleticism of their parents, Rocky Mountain Rawhide puppies are going to be more athletic than average. They will be able to move more fluidly, creating less wear and tear on their bodies as they age. This means fewer instances of both arthritis, and hip, elbow and shoulder problems, so rampant in the AKC Bulldog.

Why is good conformation so important in a “family” dog? Because good conformation leads to a longer lived, happier, more playful companion. And, that is what a good family dog is all about.

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"Granite" from Rocky Mountain Rawhide

“Granite” from Rocky Mountain Rawhide