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Choo Choo (International Champion Puppy  —  2017)

 Choo Choo, (RMRs Lil’ Engine that Could), is a wonderful little bundle of mischief in a dark brindle bulldog package. It would never occur to him that someone may not want his kisses and he LOVES to give them to everyone he meets. He acts as if everyone  — 2 or 4 legged — is his long lost best friend and as a result  — has annoyed more than a few passing strangers who don’t care for dogs. But don’t worry, Choo Choo doesn’t hold it against them  —  he knows that people make mistakes. Choo Choo gives his puppies a love for people of all ages, a zest for life and a great big beautiful Frenchie grin for everyone they meet. We are very happy to have our little Choo Choo as the papa to our Olde French Puppies.

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