Rocky Mountain Rawhide Olde English Bulldogges and Olde French Bulldogges


Our Guarantee

We guarantee our puppies against life-threatening genetic problems. They will be genetically healthy or you get a replacement puppy. Our guarantee includes severe hip dysplasia, cleft palate, elbow dysplasia and genetic heart defects.

We also guarantee our dogs against temperament flaws. Dogs we breed and sell are to be good family dogs and trustworthy with children or YOU DON’T KEEP IT.

What we ask for in return is that you socialize your puppy, obedience-train your puppy, make your puppy a member of the family, not just an outside pet, and feed only a good quality dog food as recommended in our contract. Not doing so will void our guarantee.


Puppies to be shipped to new homes at nine weeks unless the laws in their state dictate otherwise.

Owners of shipped puppies are responsible for all shipping costs.

We have used United Cargo with great success. Prices of shipping your puppy via the airlines will depend on many factors, but you can usually count on the price (including shipping crate, health certificate and transportation to the airport ) being between $375 and $475. (Slightly higher for summer months).

All puppies to be shipped air will be shipped out of DEN (Denver International Airport).

Puppies will not be shipped via cargo in hot weather. We will deliver the puppy to your nearest major airport by riding in the cabin with the puppy in the cabin with us. This arrangement is typical for hot weather months which include the latter part of June, all of July and most of August. The cost of delivering the puppy in this manner is only slightly higher than via cargo and is much safer and less traumatic for the puppy.

Interested in a puppy? Puppies can be picked out according to the date deposits are received. Follow these links to: Available Dogges.

Deposits on upcoming litters are accepted as soon as a prospective new owner has spoken to Terry. Deposits are $200. The new prospective owner is then placed on our list of approved homes for our puppies. With the exception of someone purchasing “pick of the litter” (for breeding/show dogs only), the order of pick goes in order of when the deposits come in. Deposits can be made by check, cash, or one of our accepted credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover). Deposits can be taken either in person or over the phone.

Deposits are refundable if the type of puppy is not available (i.e., not enough males or females in the litter). Deposits will not be refunded if the prospective owner purchases a puppy elsewhere or changes their mind.