Rocky Mountain Rawhide Olde English Bulldogges and Olde French Bulldogges


I just wanted to send you a quick message as an update on Remington (now named Drogo) from Gracie’s Long Gun litter last October.  Drogo has been a true pleasure and an instant fit as a “member of the family!” As you may recall, Drogo was not my first bulldog, however, he was my first bulldog to be so well socialized and frankly, EASY to raise and train from a young age.  His clownish, but oh so loyal temperament has been more than I ever could have dreamed of.  Everything from house training, to his behavior with new people and dogs, his health, and even having to tackle a cross-country move to Texas have been perfect. He has earned a priceless status, and will be a life long friend. Drogo had a very subtle brindle when we picked him up in December, and his coloring has continued to become more defined and really quite handsome.  He’s currently weighing in at 21 svelte pounds at 7 months old!  He doesn’t know it yet, but he may be asking for a sister from one of your litters next year.  We hope all is well, just wanted you to know that he is doing wonderful and is enjoying a life of couch potato happiness! Regards, Jacob, CO


Gracie, Drogo’s Mom


I  adopted two of your Olde English Bulldogges back in 2012 (Cha Cha and Lexington) and I cannot tell you how much joy they have brought to my life!  There is not a day that goes by that they make me giggle because of some antic they pull.  I repeatedly get asked who my breeder is and I always give them your website because people are always amazed at the quality of dog they are as well as how social and friendly they are. We did the Furry Scurry for the first time this year and I was able to finally get a photo of them together with them actually sitting still so I thought I would email you a copy as I am sure it’s fun for you to see them all grown up and happy little bullies! Thanks! Nancy , Lakewood, CO

Cha Cha and Lexington

Cha Cha and Lexington

"Cha Cha" as a puppy

“Cha Cha” as a puppy

Beautiful Lexington

Lexington as a pup

I hope you are well! I am just popping in to tell you what an amazing dog Jedi is! He is my best buddy and keeps me smiling! He comes to work with me every day. I work at a parrot rescue and he is so good around the birds! I have attached a few recent pictures of him so you can see what a beautiful boy he is! ~ Alwyn

Clockwise from top left: Jedi shown in the car and at the bird rescue, Jedi's proud parents and a puppy pic at six weeks.

Clockwise from top left: Jedi shown in the car and at the bird rescue, Jedi’s proud parents and a puppy pic at six weeks.

Terry, Just wanted to give you an update on Eddie (formerly Harrier). He’s awesome! He currently weighs 35 pounds and is definitely growing every day. He has such a great personality and is a very happy addition to our family. Thanks again for a great dog. Katie, Utah

Eddie, aka "Harrier" from the Aircraft Litter!

Eddie, aka “Harrier” from the Aircraft Litter!

 We are the owners of Taco, whom we purchased from you two years ago. Taco has become the mascot for Pueblo Centennial High School. Taco, the Centennial Bulldog, has become hugely popular in these parts, been on TV several times, etc. The high schoolers, for their big rivalry game – the Bell Game is vs Pueblo Central and it’s the oldest high school football rivalry west of the Mississippi – Centennial students painted on their cars “GoTaco!” and similar messages. Just had to share that with you. Also, when people ask where we got him, we always give Rocky Mountain Rawhide glowing reviews. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve given out your website. Cheers! NB

Taco at Bell Game

Taco at Bell Game

Taco being on KOAA TV2

Taco being on KOAA TV2

An earlier update from the amazing Taco and his people:
Dear Terry, Not to brag, but our boy Taco is a bit of a celebrity in our parts. People know him by first name at Lowes, he’s been named the Pueblo Chieftain’s “Weather Dog” on a couple occasions, drivers brake to admire him on our walks, and he’s posed for a few fan pics at Petsmart. He’s two-years-old and 85 pounds.
He loves walks and car rides. He loves laying at the foot of our bed during the winter, often snoring and sprawled out on his back, jowls flopped open. And the dude loooooves to play. Loves it. Fetch, chase, wrestling or chewing on deer antlers. With all that activity comes plenty of sleep, too.
Bri and I can’t picture our lives without Taco. We’re proud, loving owners. What’s more, when people ask us about him they’re in disbelief at his nature and genetics. Taco is a good-lookin, handsome dogge and that’s a testament to Terry and Rocky Mountain Rawhide.
Sincerely, Nick & Bri, Pueblo, CO.


Brian and I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Tank (Boeing from the Aircraft litter) and say thank you so much! He is the best dog, and we are all so in love with him!! We recommend you to everybody we know because you did such a great job while you had him. He’s honestly the best little puppy ever!! Thank you!! Ashley and Brian, Colorado


Tank relaxing at home

Tank as a pup, AKA "Boeing" of the Aircraft Litter, pictured in August 2014

Tank as a pup, AKA “Boeing” of the Aircraft Litter, pictured in August 2014

Here is a picture of the best Olde French Bully. I changed his name from Ranger to Jobu Baloo (Joe-Boo Ba-loo). He is just perfect I could not have wished for a better puppy. He is a star everywhere we go, I have been able to tell many, many people about the wonderful people/place he came from. I will keep in touch and I am sure I am going to be looking for another Olde Bully in the future. Oh yeah, his ears look like the are going to be rose ears, I love them. His ears give him so much personality and expression! Thanks again! Jenny

Jobu Baloo, AKA Ranger

Jobu Baloo, AKA Ranger

Sophia (AKA Shoshone, daughter of Domino and Cleopatra) is a great, loving, energetic puppy!! She loves to be the center of attention and loves belly rubs! She is so full of energy, she doesn’t know what to do with it! She loves going for walks and loves all the attention everyone gives her. Anytime we get home she is extremely happy and shows it with her butt shakes! She is a great dog who doesn’t destroy anything she knows she’s not supposed to. I can’t say the same for her stuffed animals! She potty trained quickly thanks to your instructions. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy!!

Sophia AKA Shoshone

Sophia AKA Shoshone, from Cleopatra and Domino’s spring 2013 litter

Olde French Bulldogge, Porsche, learns first hand the dangers of living with a six year-old girl…



I just wanted to let you know Olive is doing great! She finished her first puppy class this fall and should start another soon. I think she’s getting a big head because everywhere we go people stop to talk to her and snuggle her 🙂 I really appreciate being able to check in with you whenever I have a question, that’s been really reassuring. Thanks for everything!
Kelly, Loveland, CO


I just wanted to say hello and pass along a few pics of Tonka (now named Olive). She is settling in very well as you can see. Emma loves her new sister. She is really starting to do well in her crate and is almost sleeping through the night. She had her third round of shots last week and we are planning to start puppy classes the first week of December. She is sweet, adorable, and has a huge personality. We love her lots and are so glad she’s home. — Rachel.

Olive, AKA "Tonka" from the "Truck" litter

Olive, AKA “Tonka” from the “Truck” litter

Rommel (formerly, “Apache” from Cleopatra and Domino’s spring, 2013 litter) is doing well. He is very patient with my children and allows them to hug, play, tug on his face, body, etc. He is a very relaxed dog. He is not much of a walker, most of the time we get out the front door he walks down the front steps finds a nice spot of grass and then sprawls out. He does get bursts of energy like when I get home or the kids get home. He loves to play in the yard with his “sister” they chase each other around. We love him and he is a great addition to the family the kids love to lay in bed with him and read books, watch TV just hang out. He is the complete polar opposite of his “sister” Gypsy, she is full of energy, which is nice b/c they balance each other out, She likes long walks is always pulling at the leash. They are both wonderful dogs and add so much to our life.

Rommel AKA Apache

Rommel AKA Apache

Peter and family, Kansas

Maggie (AKA “Lee” from the “Jeans” litter) Just wanted to share some pictures with you of Maggie. We can not convince her that she is not a cat!! We are just loving her!! She is such a joy, but she is definitely a “bulldogge” she listens very well but on her terms!! 🙂 She is center of attention no matter where we go!! Every one just falls in love with her!!
— Scott and Suzy

Maggie, AKA "Lee" from the "Jeans" litter

Maggie, AKA “Lee” from the “Jeans” litter

Fergie (aka Reba) will be celebrating all day today!! Thanks for making one of the funniest and most ridiculous pups in the world for us. We couldn’t love her more. Yes, she just sat there and let me stick a candle in her mouth for this pic! — Enjoy, Ashley

Happy Birthday Fergie!

Happy Birthday Fergie!

I just thought I’d let you know, Barkley passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test last night…. YEAH!!!! All of the trainers LOVE HIM! One of the trainers in particular really wants a Barkley and when her English Bulldog (who is 7) dies she will likely be contacting you about a puppy!
He’s doing so well, and is SOOO BIG. About the middle of March we weighed him and he was 58 pounds… I would say he is at least 60, maybe 65 at this point!! But he’s just a lover… I took him to the MS Walk this weekend and another fundraiser at one of the parks here in town and he was in heaven. He got tons of attention and I got lots of complements on what a good looking dog he is! Hope all is well with you.– Kristin, Laramie, WY

Barkley passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Barkley passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Just wanted you to know what a good boy our Bentley is! We took him on a walk the other night and we came by a house where this little girl was playing, she could not have been more than 2. It was hard to understand most of her words but doggie/puppy came out very clear. Her mom came out too and after taking the sucker out of her hand the little girl was right up in his face and began petting him. Before I knew what what happening she had her little hands squeezing his muzzle…not that he actually felt anything. We were so proud of our bully! He just sat there and didn’t do a thing! I don’t really think he would do anything but we just don’t have small children around here very often so I wonder. In any case, she had no idea that she could possibly have been a snack for him, she really was not much bigger than he was and his head was bigger than hers! It was very cute and we were very happy with his behavior. Just thought you would like to hear that, I know you like hearing the good things about your dogs, don’t we all?! — Paula and Craig, Fort Collins, CO

RMR’s OEB “Bentley”

I wanted to share some pics of Fergie (aka Reba) with you. She is just a fantastic dog. Most of these pics are from Estes Park, where she played, hiked, and rested by the fire. She is a total couch potato but loves to play and hike. We laugh so hard as she bounds through creeks, leaps over rocks, and balances across logs. She is deceptive with her agility. You can also see, she is very gentle with the kids and even let’s me dress her up in her “french maid” costume! — Ashley

RMR’s OEB Fergie dressed as French maid!

I just wanted to send you a picture and update you on how Apollo (Mambo) is doing. He absolutely adores Athena. They are always playing and chasing each other. He loves to dance and is more shy than Athena and not as needy but no where as shy as we expected. He is very well behaved and is way ahead of his training class. He loves to kiss, very much a lover, but not a cuddler. 2 great dogs that we could not love more. They mean eveything to Crystina and I. Thanks, Quintin

Athena and Apollo

I wanted to send you some pictures and give you some news about Athena (Reese). This little girl is the light of Crystina and my life. She has some big personality. She loves people sooooo much that the runs to every stranger and throws herself at their feet so they can rub her freckled belly. Potty training is going pretty well, even with the occasional accidents. She is a piddle monster! The toughest part of owning this dog is bringing her out in public because everyone wants to pet her and hold her, she gets so distracted by all the attention that she forgets to go potty. Her vet and her whole staff, LOVE her! They freak out every time we walk in the door and the whole place stops to say hello to Athena. The obedience trainer, says she is amazed at how perfect Athena is and asked me for your name and website because she was so impressed that she would recommend you to anyone looking for a Bulldog. I must have referred a dozen people to you because Athena is exactly what everyone wants. It is so great how she was raised with love and affection and not a bland puppy mill puppy. I commend you on doing such a wonderful job in raising such beautiful great dogs. Thank you for all of your time and hospitality on our visits to your place, answering all our silly questions. Thank you for all you do — Quintin & Crystina, Aurora, CO

RMR’s OEB “Athena” as puppy

Here are some pics of Fergie (aka Reba) taken at 11 weeks old. She is doing great. She has a fantastic disposition. She is so social with people and dogs and ventures happily to any new situation. And as you can see, she’ll let the kids do anything to her. — Ashley

Fergie and child friend

Hi, I just wanted you to know I took Ms. Valentine to our vet yesterday and he said he could find no fault with her and that she was bred well:) He said her nose and lungs were excellent I am going to mail you the copy of his notes because they didn’t do email through their office and we don’t have a scanner. She is doing really well and honestly we just can’t get enough of her. I definitely think this was the right thing to do…Valentine is bringing us such joy and it’s a great new beginning:) I’ve attached some pics of the lil’ rascals… Thank you! — Sasha, Washington State

RMR’s OEB “Valentine” and young friend

Hello, It has been a while since the last update I sent so I thought it was due. Roxie is about 40lbs now and almost 5 months old! I can’t believe we have already had her for this long. Now that it is warmer out, we go for walks and if there is water Roxie jumps right in. She loves the water, and anything outdoors. If we lead her, she is confident going anywhere, over any terrain. People love her black spot on her tail when we take her places, and usually comment. Roxie is very submissive; when we meet new dogs on walks she is eager and friendly to meet them but always submits first. I don’t mind this because she is so sweet in nature, and I don’t think she would hurt anything or anyone. Even when there are smaller children present she mostly just wants to lick the food off their face and as long as they let her she will put up with anything. She is doing great, everyone loves her, and so do we! — Elise and Chip

RMR’s OEB “Roxie” and owner

Just wanted to update you on Little Bo.  He enjoyed turning 1 year old this week.  He is still about 50 pounds, all muscle.  In late September we moved to a new home.  Trivia and Bo love the even bigger back yard.  They both adjusted very quickly to the new environment.  Bo was very excited to meet Killian, an English Bulldog, who leaves across the cul-de-sac.  Within days, Bo knew everyone on our street! Bo still has a high level of energy and affection.  We had him fixed in October.  He did super!  The only problem was trying to limit his activities.  It snowed two days later and he wouldn’t stay inside.  He kept sneaking out the doggie door to go play with Trivia. We hope you enjoy the attached picture.  (We’ll also send a print in your Christmas card.)  We took the two of them to see Santa Claus at a local nursery.  Bo loved Santa (we think the feeling was mutual!).  When Santa was leaving for the day, he felt something on his leg.  Bo was standing up with his front paws/legs wrapped around Santa’s leg.  He didn’t want him to go. Bo is wonderful.  He is affectionate, playful, protective and everything we could ask for in a puppy.  We thank you again for bringing such a special little boy into our lives! — Todd, Lori, Trivia and Bo

RMR's OEB "Bo", Santa and Trivia

RMR’s OEB “Bo”, Santa and Trivia

I just wanted to say “Hi” and send a few pictures. Paxton and Pearl are doing great. I don’t think I could honestly ask for a better pair of puppies! We had a new Petsmart open the other day and we took the kids to visit. Despite being stopped several times walking around the store, we made it to the check out. The next thing that happened just blew me away; we had a line, larger than the checkout line, to pet Paxton and Pearl. They by far got more attention than any other dog we have ever seen. Paxton weighed in this week at 107 pounds, with a 26″ neck, and Pearl hit 53 pounds. Absolutely amazing friends to have. We can’t thank you enough! — Jeff, Megan, Haley, Paxton, and Pearl, Council Bluffs, Iowa

RMR’s “Paxton” and “Pearl”

Zaba is doing great! She is still getting used to the crate but other than that she has been a joy. Everybody loves her, including the dogs in my friend and family community. Thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I took today. Thank you so much for my new friend, Jasmine

Zaba, from Winston and Jezebel’s September 2011 litter, enjoying the company of her new best friend.

I had to write and tell you what a wonderful girl Cinder is. She has settled in at home quite quickly and is figuring out the stairs, the car and how to get outside to go pee. She carries our shoes around the house but she has yet to chew them. Twice now I have taken her to the small dog park. Oh my gosh every human is so taken with her. She sits at their feet to be rubbed (which she does over and over and over), she comes when I call her, she plays well with all of the other dogs. And everyone thinks she is so beautiful. I thought you would want to know. She is so happy here with us. This morning she lay on Jake’s head to wake him up. It worked! I will keep in touch but we do love her.
Mitzi, Boulder, CO

Cinder, RMR Olde French Bulldogge

I am sorry I haven’t written to you sooner, everything has been very hectic. I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how incredibly wonderful Abigail is! It might sound strange but she quickly became one of my best friends. She is wonderful in every way. We are still working on potty training but she is almost 100% perfect with that too. She walks nicely on leash, sits when asked, lies down, comes when called and only chews on her toys. She is such a perfect puppy! I have never met such an intelligent dog before, I swear she knows exactly what people are thinking all the time, either that or she is one step ahead! She goes everywhere with me and is always happy to do so, she is perfect around the horses as well as Roxie and Izzibelle. Roxie and her think it’s the best game to chase one another and her and Izzibelle (being bulldogs of course) will spend hours “mouth wrestling” or playing tug of war. They all interact perfectly, except when Abigail thinks she is Alpha dog and Izzibelle very patiently and kindly explains to her that she is not but Izzibelle is. She does not act aggressive towards other dogs or people in the slightest; I tell people that she has never met a stranger in her life because everyone is her friend. However, if I don’t acknowledge someone, neither will she. She loves the car and very much enjoys the air conditioning as she co-pilots as we drive along (because without her I clearly would have no idea where I was going, so thankfully she lets me know.) I honestly could never have imagined a better dog, thank you!!! Thank you, and I hope all is well. Sincerely, Natalie, Greeley, CO

Abigail at 4 months, from Punkin and Winston’s Winter 2009 Olde French Bulldogge Litter.

Hi all! Frank, our Olde French Bulldogge, is doing great!! He has taken up snoring but has given up poop eating!! Trust me, the snoring is MUCH cuter than the poop eating. He is such a good listener, loves his walks (but hates leaving the house for fear the baby will drop some food while he is not here to clean up), snuggles in to watch TV with us in the evenings, chews appropriate things (most of the time, although used baby diapers call his name sometimes) and is just so sweet. He is growing bigger and wider each day and his nose is nearly all black now. You were so right when you said we wouldn’t be able to leave the house without someone commenting on him. I swear, he gets walked twice a day, and I get stopped at least 4 times!! He has made some friends at Doggie Daycare (he has only been twice, but he is already well known in the small dog room) and in the park. He sometimes is a bit scared of bigger dogs approaching, but has yet to meet a human that he can keep his tongue off of. He is learning to heel a bit and can even do the automatic sit from time to time (tell Dinga to watch out, we are trying to raise a ringer for the automatic sit contest!) As we speak he is helping me work by laying on my feet while he sleeps. He was totally house broken and had no accidents for about 2 weeks. Then Kyle and I let our guard down and we had some puddles to clean. We are back on track now!! It is so hard to remember that he is so young because he really is pretty trustworthy in the house and out and about. I have to keep reminding myself, “he isn’t even 4 months old yet!” He really has been a great fit for us, so THANKS for all of your hard work! — Melissa and Kyle, Fort Collins

RMR Olde French Bulldogge, “Frank”

Frank update 1/09: Frank ROCKS! He is the smartest in his puppy class and by FAR the calmest. Every time we are in a group of puppies we are reminded of how lucky we are! He sits, lays down, stays (both sit and down), heals (a little bit), and was brave going through the agility tunnel! He was like “what is the big deal? Why is everyone else freaking out?” He did scare the little black lab pup in our class to death by just running up to him. Frank was thinking “Why are you peeing your pants? I am just trying to wrestle you to the ground and hold you there!” Frank and the cat have formed a weird bond. They are often seen playing and goofing around together. He is still great and gentle with my old man JRT. It is unusual for a puppy to so completely leave him alone! I know that Hudson is grateful!! And of course, and most importantly, he is WONDERFUL with Addie and her twin cousins. The other day they played fetch with Frankie for about 20 minutes (with supervision, of course). He brings the toy, drops it in their laps, and they throw it for him! Addie loves feeding him (although I am working on BOTH of them to not do that) and he is very gentle and polite when she gives him treats. He has also developed a more slow and healthy eating style thanks to the “slow down” bowl. 2 cups of food now take more than 30 seconds to gulp down. I have attached a couple of pictures that our friend took when Frank and Addie went to visit their house a couple of weeks ago.