Rocky Mountain Rawhide Olde English Bulldogges and Olde French Bulldogges

The Working Bulldogge

Bulldogges  – especially Rocky Mountain Rawhide bulldogges  – make excellent therapy dogs. Their love for children, tolerance of the unusual and sweet nature make them the ideal candidate as visiting therapy dogs in a residential setting (nursing homes, schools, hospitals) and as working partners belonging to professional counselors.

Our bulldogges are routinely chosen for work in therapeutic settings and our Olde French Bulldogges, especially, make excellent service dog candidates for persons with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive disabilities.

When choosing a bulldogge puppy as a therapy or service dog candidate look for an emotionally stable individual with a calm, slightly submissive personality and a lower energy level. The emotional stability will help ensure a tolerance for unusual experiences such as beeping medical apparatus, wheelchairs, walkers, and strange behaviors, noises and gestures the dog may encounter from individuals in a residential or therapeutic setting.

RMR’s OFB “Cedar” happily participating in a “Read to a Dog” program, which are remarkably effective in getting kids to practice reading aloud.

A calm, slightly submissive personality is helpful as it ensures a more accepting puppy willing to take direction. And, of course, a lower energy level just makes living with the dog easier as the attention span is longer and the time needed for exercise shorter when dealing with a lower energy dog.

Health is also very important when choosing a working dog. A great deal of time and effort goes into producing a trained therapy or service dog. A healthy dog will live longer with fewer problems. Remember, the AKC bulldog has an unusually short life span (8 years). The bulldogge (any variety) has a much longer life span (12 to 14 years.). Keep this in mind when choosing a puppy to train.

RMR’s OFB puppy “Hickory” shows off his special service coat