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Trained Adult Dogs and Started Puppies

Sometimes an infant puppy is too much of a time and energy commitment for someone who works all day, goes to school or has small children. An infant puppy (one that is under twelve weeks old) is a lot of work.

Occasionally we will have an adult dog or older puppy that is in need of a new home. These dogs usually have been kept as a potential show or breeding dog but that didn’t quite make the cut.

Or, in the case of some of our puppies, we may offer an individual dog who has shown great promise as either a therapy or service dog, and needs to have training completed and the right home found.

We offer these dogs with the same guarantee as our puppies. The benefit to the new owner is that they come housebroken, pre-trained in obedience (for adult dogs) or at least started in these directions for the older puppies.

Foster dogs in our breeding program must have a secure yard and an owner who is home most of the time. Someone working an eight hour, 5 day a week job would not be suitable. We would pay for all routine medical costs and anything related to breeding. The foster owner agrees to pay for food, toys, beds and grooming.

Candidates for foster parents must generally live withing 60 miles of Fort Collins and be willing to bring the dog to scheduled veterinary appointments.

Available Adult Dogges

Available Adult Olde French or English Bulldogges

None Currently Available.
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Customer Testimonials

“Oh, Terry what a joy this boy is! (Photo below…) And no, he doesn’t have a name yet, I have chosen and discarded Henry, Winston, one of the old ladies walked right up and said hello Winston Churchill how are you!, and Norton( loved it but my mouth doesn’t work right ), it might be Tank but I’m just not sure. “Hey you” is getting closer!  He is the hit of the apartment complex and all the little old ladies call him something different, it is so funny!

You said as time goes on his calmness may rub off on Tootsie ,well it already has.  She is almost a different dog.  I can easily walk them together and even more amazing I can leave the house with just the boy and she doesn’t dash for the door or throw any kind of fit.  When people come over it used to be chaos, destruction,  and wet chins, now it is polite sniffing and going and laying down.  Maybe his name should be Magic!  hmmm. . .
Thank you again, Lindsey

PS: He does like me, I think I see a smile sometimes on him and Tootsie is thrilled with him.  She is in bed earlier now from so much playing! He gives her a run for the money!”

RMR's happy OEB "Rhumba", awaiting final name in his new home!

RMR’s happy OEB “Rhumba”, awaiting final name in his new home!