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Olde French Bulldogges

Gracie” and Loveland Bulldog’s “Mr. Bean” are expecting their litter of outstanding little bullies right around Christmas Eve!

Mr Bean and Gracie

I was planning on using our little French Bulldog stud, “Choo Choo” to breed to Gracie but when I found out that Loveland Bulldogs was retiring their fawn Frenchie, “Mr. Bean”, I snagged him quick before his retirement. I’ve used Mr. Bean in the past and he produces stunning, correct, beautiful little Olde French Bulldogges when crossed with one of our girls.
I will definitely be keeping one of the girls from this litter for myself! I have kicked myself repeatedly for not doing so when I have used him before.
So, we can expect a variety of colors with this pairing. We will surely get brindles and pieds and we may get some other interesting colors as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.
These pups will mature 23 to 25 pounds for the Petites, (less common) and 26 to 35 for the Grandes, (more common).  Pricing of the puppies is determined by color, size and conformation. Most of the time we have puppies starting at $1500 and going up to $2400. With Mr. Bean as the dad we may see puppies starting at $1600 and going to $2500.
We do have some deposits on this litter but will take 4 more. Call us ASAP if interested!

 Check back soon for more 2017 litter news!


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