Rocky Mountain Rawhide Olde English Bulldogges and Olde French Bulldogges

Why Our Puppies Are Superior

I believe you will not find a better quality, easier to raise puppy than what we offer here at Rocky Mountain Rawhide.


All of the dogs owned by Rocky Mountain Rawhide are tested for potential health problems prior to being used as breeding dogs. We want to make sure that the puppies we produce are truly superior. We can only do this with genetic screening. We check their eyes, their heart, look for blood and adrenal problems, screen for temperament flaws and radiograph their hips. We only breed the dogs who pass the tests and have been cleared of problems. We only breed dogs with hips that will have or have been deemed minimally “good” by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We never use dogs that show signs of temperament problems, lameness, heart defects, or any other life threatening or life altering conditions.

All of our puppies are guaranteed healthy upon their arrival to your home. They will be clean, they will have been vaccinated, vet checked for heart, structural, and dentition problems, and wormed.


Our puppies are born in the house, not in a kennel. Our dogs live in the house, not in a kennel.

Our dogs need to have excellent judgement in who to greet with wagging tail and who to greet with hackles up.

Proper socialization teaches dogs that different people, unusual animals, and interesting things are a normal part of everyday life. A young puppy’s brain actually grows when properly stimulated by these activities. The more socialized, properly stimulated brain on these tiny puppies creates an adult dog with a much better tolerance of new, unusual, or potentially frightening encounters with the unknown.

The unknown could be the mail carrier, the poodle next door, the umbrella in your mother-in-law’s hand, or the next-door-neighbor’s little boy in his new Spider Man suit. Our dog knows that there’s a difference between a little boy in a costume and suspicious-looking stranger lurking in the shadows and he’ll react according. An improperly socialized dog tends to clump all things not in his immediate frame of reference in the “DO NOT TRUST” category. They can become dangerous, unpredictable, and unreliable.


Probably the most obvious advantage of acquiring a Rocky Mountain Rawhide puppy is the ease in which they housebreak. Our puppy people are always amazed at how fast their new puppies become housebroken.  We know how to steer a puppy towards cleanliness. From the time he’s 3 weeks old and his self awareness is starting to blossom, he’s given a choice. He can move a little bit away from his sleeping area and relieve himself in a special area reserved for that purpose, or, he can “go” in his blanket and have to live in it for a few hours.

RHR pup "Alladin" at a young age - all the confidence in the world!

RMR pup “Alladin” at a young age – all the confidence in the world!

When puppies are consistently given a choice they tend to learn to use it. By the time our puppies are eight weeks old, if they can, they will remove themselves from a living area and relieve themselves outside. This is a major step toward the puppy becoming housebroken as soon as they are physically capable. Our puppies want to go out side to relive themselves. They already know how to use a dog door to go outside. They know how to go up and down steps to accomplish these tasks. When you think about it, dog doors, steps, going from hot to cold, light to dark, these are all potentially scary things for a new puppy to get used to along with the whole concept of being housebroken.

By giving the puppy a head start on these things from day one, by the time the new owner gets the new puppy home, walking from the cool house, through the doggie door, into the hot, bright, light and down the steps to “potty” outside, and then reversing everything to come back in is old hat. This is why our puppies are so much easier to housebreak than puppies coming from an environment where having unclean puppies is thought of as normal. It isn’t. Puppies raised on dirt, or newspapers and not kept clean will simply become accustomed to living in filth. Can they be housebroken at a later age? Yes, usually. But, it’s sure faster, easier, and cleaner, to start that process from day one.

RMR Olde French Bulldogge "Kirby" and his owner at training class

RMR Olde French Bulldogge “Kirby” and his owner at training class